The Skull (1965) IMDB 6.30(813) Full Movie Download

by segumusi on February 15, 2013

original title: The Skull
rating: 6.30(813)
United Kingdom
horror, Thriller
Director: Freddie Frensis. in roles: Peter Cushing, Patrick Uaymark, Jill Bennett, Nigel green, Patrick Maggie, …
running time: , 83 min.
release date: 1965


Anthony Marco is well aware of how and where you can get a good thing bad ways, and Dr. Maitland, as a collector of all kinds of Antiques, very dear to this acquaintance. And once Marco brought him a real treasure – a skull of the famous Marquis De Sade. But the joy of the doctors was premature, because sitting in the skull of an evil spirit did not hesitate to declare itself.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 100% (2) ancox – 22.07.2012 Dedicated to the LGF Collector Christopher Meytlendu, had the chance to become the owner of wonderful exhibit – the skull of the Marquis de Sade. However, it is the owner of the thing, which is connected to a string of terrible events, which are of direct relevance to black magic?… read all ‘illia – 27.08.2011 Game of death Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac (Henry Kissinger)
To begin with prevention. Those who do not like old movies, old school of actor’s game movie watch is not worth it. Lovers of action and militants horror/trash can pass quietly, without straining… read more\’
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